About Us

With a decade of hands-on experience working alongside animals of all shapes and sizes, we've encountered just about every pet accessory under the sun. Our passion led us to craft an exclusive, contemporary line of accessories designed to tackle common pet-related challenges and simplify every outing with our furry companions.

At Roo Roo Pets, our foremost commitment is to the safety and well-being of our beloved pets. We're dedicated to ensuring that they not only thrive but also lead joyful and fulfilling lives.

Meet Rudy, or as we know him - Roo Roo's! Our hearts were stolen the moment we crossed paths with this little pup. He's our source of boundless happiness.

In our quest to find the perfect dog collar and harness that Rudy deserved, we scoured high and low, but our search proved futile. That's when inspiration struck, and Roo Roo Pets was born – the collar, harness & leash designed with Rudy's adventures and personality in mind.

With love and paws, Khloe & Rudy at Roo Roo Pets x